About the development of Penguico

I was still hyped from LudumDare40 and decided to try again on #48Secret jam. Spent more time coding the 2D mechanics (I'm used to 3D) and learning the music software (LMMS) than anything else. I'd say these are the coolest things I learned these two days.

Anyway, this is what I used to make it: Unity (engine), Piskel (graphics), LMMS (song) and Chiptone (sfx).

The ice movement and platforms rotation turned out to be way cooler than I thought, making it somewhat harder than I imagined.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!


ForceboxPenguico_win64_v1.0.zip 14 MB
Dec 10, 2017
ForceboxPenguico_win32_v1.0.zip 12 MB
Dec 10, 2017
ForceboxPenguico_linux_universal_v1.0.zip 31 MB
Dec 10, 2017
ForceboxPenguico_mac_universal_v1.0.zip 29 MB
Dec 10, 2017

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